Upcoming conferences

  • International Exhibition and Conference for the Printed Electronics Industry, LOPEC 2018

    March 13-15th, 2018, Münich, Germany

    Demonstrator presentation


  • VI Symposium on Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Advanced Batteries, HYCELTEC 2017

    June 19-23rd, 2017, Porto, Portugal

    Oral presentation

  • VIII International Congress on Analytical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, NyNA 2017

    July 3-5th, 2017, Barcelona, Spain

    Keynote presentation

  • Smart Systems Integration, SSI 2017

    March 8-9, 2017, Cork, Ireland

    Invited talk

  • microTAS 2016

    October 9-13, 2016, Dublin, Ireland

    M.J. González-Guerrero, F.J. del Campo, J.P. Esquivel, D. Leech, N. Sabaté

    Paper-Based Microfluidic Biofuel Cell For In-Vitro Applications Operating Under Physiological Conditions

    Poster presentation

  • 67th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry

    August 22 – 27, 2016,  The Hague, The Netherlands
    N. Sabaté, J. P. Esquivel

    Paper-Based Fuel Cells and Batteries as Sustainable Power Sources for a New Generation of Disposable Analytical Devices

    Invited talk
  • 229th Meeting of the Electrochemical Society

    May 29th-June 2nd, 2016, San Diego, USA

    JP Esquivel, P Alday, O Ibrahim, E Kjeang, N Sabate

    Powerpad: Non-Toxic Capillary-Based Flow Battery for Single Use Applications

    Invited talk

  • Transducers 2015

    June 21 – 25, 2015, Anchorage, Alaska, USA
    J. P. Esquivel, J. R. Buser, F. J. del Campo, S.
    Rojas, P. Yager, N. Sabaté
    Disposable hydrogen fuel cells for powering
    next-generation lateral flow devices
    Oral presentation

  • 226th Meeting of the Electrochemical Society

    October 5-10, 2014, Cancun, Mexico
    J.P. Esquivel, F.J. del Campo,
    J.L. Gómez de la Fuente, S. Rojas, N. Sabaté
    Micro Fuel Cells: Can We Apply Them to a Successful Market?
    Invited talk

  • microTAS 2013

    October 27-31, 2013, Freiburg, Germany
    J.P. Esquivel, F.J. del Campo,
    J.L. Gómez de la Fuente, S. Rojas, N. Sabaté
    Paper-based microfluidic fuel cells
    Poster presentation

  • Gordon Research Conference – Microfluidics, Physics & Chemistry of

    June 9 – 14, 2013, Barga, Italia
    J.P. Esquivel, F.J. del Campo, N. Sabaté
    Micro fuel cells on paper – Power sources for disposable sensing devices
    Poster presentation

  • Bioelectrochemistry 2013

    March 17 – 21, 2013, Bochum, Germany
    M.J González-Guerrero, J.P Esquivel, D. Sánchez-Molas, P. Godignon, F.X Muñoz, F.J del Campo, F. Giroud, S.Minteer, N. Sabaté
    Modified Pyrolyzed Photoresist Bioelectrodes for Membraneless Glucose/O2 Enzymatic Microfluidic Fuel Cell
    Poster presentation
    Best poster award

  • Smart Systems Integration 2013

    March 13-14, 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    J.P. Esquivel, J. Colomer-Farrarons, M. Castellarnau, M. Salleras, F.J. del Campo, J. Samitier, P. Miribel-Català, N. Sabaté
    Self-powered microfluidic platform for autonomous amperometric sensing
    Oral presentation

  • Smart Systems Integration 2012

    March 21-22, 2012, Zurich, Switzerland
    J. P. Esquivel, M. Castellarnau, J. Colomer-Farrarons, M. Salleras, F. J. del Campo, P. Miribel-Català and N. Sabaté
    Micro fuel cell powered platform for autonomous microfluidics applications
    Poster presentation

    Featured in Electronic Engineering Times Europe April 2012
    Power at the core of system integration, pp 12-14