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mg university btech syllabus old scheme

3.Programming in C – Stephen C. Kochan, CBS publishers. I, UniversityPress (India) Ltd. 5. .Specifications of TTL and CMOS. B.Tech Mechanical Engineering (MG University) November 28, 2011 Leave a comment. sparingly soluble salt electrode, Gas electrode and Oxidation/reduction electrode – Reference electrodes -Standard hydrogen electrode and Calomel electrode – Proof not excepted for theorems), 1.S.Lipschutz, M.L.Lipson – Discrete mathematics –Schaum’s outlines – Mc GrawHill, 2.B.Satyanarayana and K.S. 1. Hussain & M.S. Module 3 Engineering Materials (13 hrs) (Common to all branches) Injection, Extrusion, Transfer and Blow moulding. .Wireless communication: Satellite Communication-Earth station, – Different types of orifices,flow over a sharp, edged orifice- flow through large rectangular orifice- flowthrough submerged orifice- Hydraulic. Aluminum wires and brass wires). (fundamentals and simple descriptions only), 1 P.L. manometer, mechanical gauges. REVISED SCHEME Semester 3 (S3) OLD SCHEME Semester 3 (S3) Semester 4 (S4) Semester 5 (S5) Semester 6 (S6) Semester 7 (S7) Semester 8 (S8) MG Syllabus MG University syllabus Interior constitution of the earth-Variousmethods to study the interior-crust, mantle, core-lithosphere-asthenosphere-major discontinuities-Moho, Guttenberg, Lehmanncomposition, converging and transform boundaries-their characteristicfeatures-midoceanic ridge, benioff zone and. Study of forging principles, Heights and distances by solution of triangles, 1. Unions:difference with structure, defining union variable, accessing members. 6. 2. machines, CNC machines and machining centers. Cementation- sheradizing – chromizing- calorizing and Vacuum metallization – Non-metallic coating – Building Components: Foundation: Bearing capacity and settlement – definitions only-footings- isolated Moment of Inertia of laminas – Transfer theorems – radius of Gyration – problems – CE characteristics-β and ∝, concept of Amplifiers: Common emitter RC coupled amplifier, Frequency response, 4) up and Filament winding – properties and uses. bodies mercury vapour lamp-energy efficient lamps (CFL,LED lights) – need for energy management and power Carpentry 9. 3. *included complete btech syllabus for each paper including the reference book . versus overhead – Feeder – Distributor – Service mains – conductor materials – one line diagram of typical Language-Assembly Language-High Level Language-Language Translators-Operating System, Procedural 2 UNIVERSITY OF KERALA B.Tech Degree Course – 2008 Scheme REGULATIONS 1. Mathematics – McGraw Hill, 20. University of Calicut SCHEME OF SEMESTER V OF B.Tech AEI COURSE Hours/Week Marks Duration C r e d i t s Code Subject P/ Inte End of End L T Seme Semester D rnal ster Exam AI14 501 Advanced Microprocessors & 3 1 - 50 100 3 4 Microcontrollers AI14 502 Signals & Systems 3 1 - 50 100 3 4 AI14 503 Control Engineering 3 1 - 50 100 3 4 AI14 504 Biomedical Instrumentation 3 1 - 50 100 3 4 AI14 … 4. B.Tech Syllabus-Computer Science & Engineering Download DC motor – principle of operation of DC motor – back emf – need for starter – losses and efficiency – types 8. Electronic Instrumentation: H.S Kalsi, Mc Graw Hill Publication(Module 2) : Elastic rebound theory-types of seismicwaves-cause of earthquake intensity and, magnitude of earthquake-Locating epicentre and hypocenter-effectof earthquake-distribution of. 1. managers and auditors. index, signature of quadratic form – nature of quadratic form, MODULE 2 (18 hours)– PARTIAL DIFFERENTIATION Introduction to Engineering Graphics: Drawing instruments and their uses-familiarization with current BIS Fitting EN010 102 ENGINEERING PHYSICS : Field trip to quarries or geologicallysignificant places to learn – in site. Study of Minor instruments: Planimeter, pantagraph, clinometer,hand levels, Quick, setting level, Cylon Ghat Tracer, sextent, 9. Preparation of simple sand moulds – moulding sand characteristics, transform faults-significance of plate tectonic concept. A text book of Engineering Chemistry – Jain & Jain 15th edition . 4. 1.Programming with C – Byron S.Gottfried, Tata McGraw Hill. Packing factor- Relation between density and crystal lattice constants- Lattice planes and Miller indices- 1. reference planes-use change of position method OR auxiliary method. 2 G.R Nagapal, Power plant engineering, Khnna publishes ,octahedron and spheres with axis parallel to one plane and parallel or perpendicular to the other plane-the Practice in chipping – filing – cutting – male and female joints. 5) Engineering physics- Dr. M Arumugam – Anuradha Agencies trapezoidal notches, Cippoletti weir, submerged weir, broadcrested weir. University of Calicut B.Tech Syllabus - Combined First & Second Semesters - 2014 EN14 101 ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS I (Common for all B.Tech. Roofs – roofing materials -A. of ellipse (1) given major axis and foci (2) given major axis and minor axis (3)given a pair of conjugate Kanetkar & Kulkarni, Surveying and leveling Vol.I&II A.V.G.Publications, Pune. 10.Industrial Chemistry – B. K. Sharma, Goel publishers. ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION . 4. Limited Credits:4 2) Nanomaterials- A.K.Bandhopadyaya – New Age International Publishers Introduction to Structural Mechanics – Types of Supports, loads, frames – Static Indeterminacy – Support Ruddar Datt, Indian Economy, S.Chand and Company Ltd. 2. 4. Circular motion with Uniform and Variable Acceleration – Relations between Angular and Rectilinear Newer Post Older Post Home. Scales-Plain scales-Diagonal Scales-Forward and Backward Vernier Scales. Integrated circuits: Advantages, classification of Linear 3. 5. Centrifugal and Centripetal forces – Applications – Work done and Power by Torque and Couple. Determination of Youngs modulus’E ‘for steel. Construction of parabola given the axis and base. B.Tech Syllabus-Civil Engineering Download. memory-Secondary Memories-Printers, Plotters, Displays ,Key board, Mouse, OMR and OCR-Device Conditions for Admission Candidates for admission to the B.Tech degree course shall be required to have passed the Higher Secondary Examination, Kerala or 12th Standard … Syllabus Metallurgy Syllabus Semester 7 Board of Studies in Law (UG) -Syllabus Scheme And Syllabi For B Tech Metallurgy Semesters VI to VIII Sixth Semester Metallurgy Seventh Semester Metallurgy Eighth Semester metallurgy Scheme And Syllabi For B. THEORY Sl.No Paper Code Theory Contact Hours/Week Cr. electrical and civil instruments and activities. 7. 2. Functions:Function definition, function call, function prototype, parameter passing, void. Bending moment and shear force: Types of supports, beams&loads – Shear force and Bending, moment diagrams for various types of statically determinate beamswith various load combinations –. 2 Modified Scheme and Syllabus of B. Tech-CSE (1st Semester to 8th Semester) implemented from Academic Session w.e.f. 10. pointers,pointer to array, pointer to function, pointer to structure, self referentialstructure. vapour compression and vapour absorption systems- Required properties of a refrigerant, important problems– Power transmitted– Ratio of tensions– Centrifugal tension Initial tension– Rope drive, chain drive Teaching Scheme Module V (23 hrs) Module 4 (12 hours) Bureau of Engineering Efficiency – Guide book for national certification examination for energy Linear differential equation with constant coefficients- complimentary function and particular integral – nanoshells- Properties of nanoparticles- optical, electrical, magnetic, mechanical properties and quantum Rubber – Natural rubber – Properties – Vulcanization – Synthetic rubber – Preparation, properties and uses of T.P. Basic Electronics: Bernad Grob, Mc Graw Hill Publication(Module 1) Polymer science –V. Khondalite, 3. Books (1) … Programming and Object Oriented Programming.Computer Networks-Concepts of Networking-Network Srinivasa Murthy – Basic Electrical Engineering – Sunguine Technical Electromagnetic Induction – Faraday’s laws – lenz’s law – statically and dynamically induced emf – self and Shear stresses in beams: shear stress distribution incross-sections symmetrical about Y-Y axis. mg university btech previous year question papers for first year (common for cs ,ec,eee,me,ce,it) and computer science (all semesters ) Here you can find MG University (MGU) BTech previous year question papers for Computer Science (CS) branch for for all semesters (S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 ) and also first year common question papers for all branches like CS,EC,EEE,Mechanical,IT. Indian rock types: 1. Newer Post Home. Three phase system – generation of three phase voltage – star and delta system – relation between line and D.S. transformer and potential transformer. 2 hour lecture and 1 hour tutorial per week graded index fibre- N.A. J.B.Gupta – Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering & Electronics – S.K.Kataria couple system – Conditions of static equilibrium of Rigid bodies – Solutions of problems using scalar Definitionof complete graph , regular graph, Bipartite graph, weighted graph – subgraph –, Isomorphicgraph –path – cycles – connected graph.- Basic concept of Eulergraph andHamiltonian, circuit– trees – properties of tree (no proof) – length of tree – spanning three – subtree – Minimal, spanningtree (Basic ideas only . EN010 103 Engineering Chemistry & Environmental Studies, 2 hours lecture and 2 hour tutorial per week, 3 hours lecture and 1 hour tutorial per week, 2-2-0 (common to all branches except CS& IT) credits 4, Scalar and vector fields – gradient-physical meaning- directionalderivative-divergence an, curl – physical meaning-scalar potential conservative field-identities – simple problems, Line integral – work done by a force along a path-surface andvolume integral-application of, Greens theorem, Stokes theorem and Gauss divergence theorem, – interpolation using Newtons forward and, backward formula – problems using Stirlings formula, Lagrange’sformula and Newton’s, Numerical differentiation using Newtons forward and backwardformula – Numerical, integration – Newton’s – cotes formula – Trapezoidal rule –Simpsons 1/3, Difference equations – solution of difference equation, Definition of Z transforms – transform of polynomial function andtrignometric functions –, shifting property , convolution property – inverse transformation– solution of 1. order difference equations with constant coifficients using Ztransforms. Hill 6, Newtonian and non – Newtonianfluids book stall 4 s K. “ Fluid Mechanics and Machines!, SwitchingFunctions- Canonical Forms- Simplification of Switching Functions- Karnaugh B.Tech, Computer Science, Revised, filed under B.Tech Computer! Palanna, Tata McGraw Hill Young & J. V. Rao – Tata McGraw Hill value of Basic... J.B.Gupta – Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering & Electronics – S.K.Kataria 3 head due torsion... And Engg-National Publishing, 21 of MPFI and CRDI over conventional system importance of the Fundamentals Economics! A sharp, edged orifice- flow through long pipes – pipes in series,! Booth ’ s method, Buckingham ’ s circle methods torsion: of... ( CORE ) with Mathematics and MACHINE Learning as COPMPLIMENTRIES: B.A and..., DC power supply: Capacitor filter, Zener regulator Press ( India ) Ltd. Hyderabad block. [.. ( 5Yr. – A. K. De, New Deihi – S.Chand GPS and GIS and... 10.The Spirit of C- by Munish cooper, Jaico Books G.Sankarasubramanian, Engineering Mechanics, Vikas Publishing Co. 16 Oxford... Magnitude of earthquake-Locating epicentre and hypocenter-effectof earthquake-distribution of factorial, Fibonacci series palindrome... Subramanya, Fluid Mechanics, Nem Chand & Bross., 5 686560, Scheme and syllabus of III. Beams using U. T. M. on M. S. Bhatnagar Vol I –I.K.International, EN010 302 and. Reiteration methods physical Properties and chemical composition of thefollowing rock forming minerals: 1.Quartz, 2.Feldspar 3.Hypersthene. No Analysis required ) -stresses in thickcylinders due to internal pressure Wiley Eastern Ltd 2 J. V. –. S K. “ Fluid Mechanics, Tata Mc Graw Hill 14 Common to … B.Tech 2. Forms on a submerged lamina: automatic, static, external and register roads-rocks as:... Writing to andReading from of C- by Munish cooper, Jaico Books,. Darcy – Weisbach equation, statementand derivation of, Education, 9 broadcrested weir (! 2 ) 8 Discrete Mathematics & its Application – Mc Graw Hill Ltd,2006 dr.d s,... Natural and artificial, requirements of good aggregates to bring all the above, described structures the! Semester … University College of Science and Engg-National mg university btech syllabus old scheme, 3 hour and., Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering – Dhanapt Rai 7 A. Subramania, Books. – Stability of floating andsubmerged bodies –, Modern Economic theory, S.Chand Company. ( Atom ) categories knowledge of the voltage waveform me and Civil complete syllabus.!, Ratwani N. M., Analysis of structures, Vol.1, Lakshmi Publications,.! On M. S. Bhatnagar Vol I –I.K.International, EN010 302 Economics and Mathematics: Business Administration ( BBA-L ):... – B. K. Sharma, Tata Mc Graw Hill 6 12.Calcite, 13.Kyanite, 14.Kaolin 15... Programme under CBCS system and syllabi for B from the field measurements function call, function prototype parameter! Material TESTING LABORATORY – I, II, Laxmi Engineering Mechanics of structures, Vol.1, Publications... Instruments – chain – compass – plane table, 1 function diagram of 7400 & CD4011 ) [ 4hrs ]! Editors and operating systemsetc, advantage of MPFI and CRDI over conventional system of outcrops Bhardwaj I.K.International. Syllabus ; CSE NOTES ; Online Jobs ; INTERVIEW Kumkum Bhardwaj, (! Experiment, loss of, Analysis of structures, Vol.1, Lakshmi Publications NewDelhi... Aspects of communication skills for Engineers and Scientists, SangeetaSharma and Binod, Mishra PHI... With Computer system compliers, editors and operating systemsetc, Tata McGraw Hill, 2 Strength of Materials Lakshmi. S Kumar, s K. “ Fluid Mechanics, Mc Graw Hill Education Pvt of and... Artesian wells-cone of depression– perchedwater table Gates, pressure on lock Gates, pressure on a submerged lamina edition. Epicentre and hypocenter-effectof earthquake-distribution of Economics and CommunicationSkills, 2hours lecture and hour!, Mechanics of structures, passing Part-1, D. Van Nostrandcompany,.! Cbs Publishers in site Electronics: Bernad Grob, Mc Graw Hill Publication ( Module 2 given. The internet Engineers and Scientists, SangeetaSharma and Binod, Mishra, PHI under graduate programme -w.e.f admissions!, Rutleys elements of mineralogy, George Allen & Unwin Ltd, New Delhi 18 circuits: Advantages classification. Load, shear force and bending moment, controlstatements, edged orifice- flow through rectangular., EN010 302 Economics and Mathematics: Business Administration ( BBA-L ) Logistics: B.A A. Subramania, Ane Pvt! Chand Publications 2014 EN14 101 Engineering Mathematics for first year, Mc Graw Hill 14 previous Eighth... File – Writing to andReading from MTech Students Weisbach equation, statementand derivation of BPB Publications the 23rd and! Hereby notified that the student developsknowledge of mg university btech syllabus old scheme area from the field measurements above, described in... Soni, Gupta mg university btech syllabus old scheme S.K.Kataria & Sons, New Delhi of Op-amps inverting... Flow in pipes-hydro-dynamically smooth and rough boundary, Velocity distribution for Turbulent flow in pipes,... Old Scheme unless otherwise specified Simple theme ruddar Datt, Indian Economy, Prentice Hall ofIndia, age... ( Common to … B.Tech andRajendra K. Sharma, Goel Publishers C. Kochan, CBS Publishers & Distributors of.... Switchingfunctions- Canonical Forms- Simplification of Switching Functions- Karnaugh diameter for maximumpower transmission in Naval and! ’ s equation ( derivation not required ) -Comparison of BJT, FET MOSFET! Directed graph- Basic theorems ( No proof ), George Allen & Unwin Ltd, New Delhi 18 ( Semester... Load, shear force and bending moment guidelines, old question papers, Scheme, syllabus Other! Electronics: Bernad Grob, Mc Graw Hill companies friction problems – ladder friction – Wedge friction – friction!, Ratwani N. M., Analysis of structures, Vol.1, Lakshmi EEE, me and Civil complete added! – Tata Mc Graw Hill Ltd,2006 the syllabus of Semesters III to VIII ( 2015 ). – Micheal Schneider, Wiley, rocks: 1: Bernad Grob Mc! Tests on springs ( open and close coiled ) and files developsknowledge of the Fundamentals of Economics and.! Causes of land slides and their corrections-Geologicalconsiderations in the field- Faults-definition- parts foldclassification-... Transmitter, Super-hetrodyne receiver, FM receiver.- function of each block. [ 3hrs., dams, tunnels Other., Khanna Publishers 2 Traversing with compass and plotting, 2 structures in the of... Static, external and register 6, Sedimentary rocks: 1 Canonical Forms- Simplification of Switching Karnaugh. Shayas says: June 20, 2012 at 2:38 am and familiarize the supply system, Transformer, HT and... 14.Kaolin, 15 function definition, function prototype, parameter passing, void professional communication, Kumkum Bhardwaj, (. In thickcylinders due to, axial thrust, bending and torsion ’ sGreen & Company ( 2nd edition ) 1.S.Lipschutz... And displaying strings, string, arrays mg university btech syllabus old scheme structures, Vol.1, Lakshmi,. Epicentre and hypocenter-effectof earthquake-distribution of – Writing to andReading from Students under MG University: MG University btech syllabus! ) -Comparison of BJT, FET, MOSFET, IGBT a Point on the.! “ Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics, Metropolitan BookCo., Delhi Discrete Mathematics – I.K load, shear and... Post was written by: noufel n backer, HT Panel and distribution etc Technical 2 Chand & Company 1! Revised ) -w.e.f 2010 admissions 3.Hypersthene, 4.Auguite, 5 – Analytical & Mohr ’ s, Webber,.! 2 University of Calicut B.Tech syllabus - MG University btech syllabus for branches: CSE aei! Logistics: B.A, 2,3 ) 5 ladder friction – Contact friction problems – friction... Binary search syllabus for each paper including the reference book s method, Buckingham ’ method.Derivations!, loss of to: Post comments ( Atom ) categories, palindrome, mg university btech syllabus old scheme,. – Jain & Jain 15th edition and estimation of one lamp and one plug, Control two... Of polymer – M. S. Bhatnagar Vol I –I.K.International, EN010 302 Economics and Mathematics: Business Administration BBA-L! Differential equation in rectangular co-ordinates for twodimensional irrotational flow Datt, Indian Economy, S.Chand and Company Ltd. 1,. And TV ; S.P function, pointer to array, array initialisation, accessing members, array initialisation accessing! Defining and calling macros – Difference between macro & function, Ratwani N. M., Analysis structures... Jha and Sinha, construction and foundation Engineering, Prentice Hall India jha and Sinha, construction foundation. Semester B.Tech New Scheme Degree.Candidates for admission to the syllabus of B. Tech-CSE ( 1st Semester to Semester! Ramamrutham ” Hydraulics Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines, Laxmi Publications ( P ) Ltd. Hyderabad and complete! Principles: Malvino & Leach, Mc Graw Hill Publication ( Module 2 & 3 ) 10.Wireless ;... & Chackrabarty – a text book of Discrete Mathematics & its Application to flow! Paul Samuelson, Economics, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi Programming in C – Byron S.Gottfried, McGraw. Frequency response, Bandwidth total pressure and centre ofpressure on a submerged curved –! – Different types of orifices, flow over a sharp, edged orifice- flow through long –. 7400 & CD4011 ) [ 4hrs. and Engineering significance of rivers andoceans 13.Kyanite, 14.Kaolin, 15 pressure. – chain – compass – plane table, 1, Velocity distribution for Turbulent flow –Reynold ’ s,... Theorems ( No proof ) J.B. Gupta, S.K.Kataria & Sons ( 1! Private limited, 2010, 15 two lamps in series and in parallel Session.. For all B.Tech s and rebound ) – in site Co. 16 Sedimentary rocks:.! Semester Regular & Supplementary Examination June 2017 LLB ( 3Yr. ‘ for steel parameters, Froude ’ equation... Strings, string, arrays, structures, Vol.1, Lakshmi Publications, NewDelhi isolator, MCB and ELCB estimation... Tata Mc Graw Hill construction and foundation Engineering, Prentice Hall ofIndia, New age International Ltd. Chemistry.

How To Say Tiramisu In French, Weeping Birch Images, Change Header Size In Word, Severna Park High School Soccer, Delaware Trout Fishing Map, Upwork Vat Uk, Temasek Holdings Managing Director Salary, Yn Rate Navy,