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places to go on your birthday with friends

Go shopping, get dinner, watch some movies at the drive-in, or go on random adventures! You'll spend the day enjoying some sips (if you're 21 or older) and soaking up those beautiful rays. See world-class football? Greece is the perfect place to spend a milestone birthday because it’s nice for the majority of the year, the types of activities are endless and the food is out-of-this-world. So what I did was look out for Eco-lodges and yoga retreats to be able to maximise my spirituality during the stay. 21. The main activities are swimming in the ocean, eating local Thai food washed down with fruity cocktails, and watching the sunset. So, when my husband said let’s go to Mexico to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds for your 40th birthday, I was beyond excited! But at the end of the week, we decided to kick the celebrations up a notch by heading to Cape Town, South Africa! Even though it’s part of the USA, it has a very Caribbean vibe to it. I loved Jerusalem: the way the limestone walls glow in the sunlight, the way history and spirituality ooze from every pore, the way the people are so friendly and welcoming – if you’re feeling a little lost in life it really is a wonderful place to be. When my birthday comes along, I experience this very familiar combination of excitement and dread. Visiting the Dead Sea was always something I’d wanted to do, but it was actually so much better than I imagined. That’s what my special day would involve with my other half, however, he had something much better in mind. When you first arrive in Egypt, in many ways it can feel like you’ve been transported to another world. Celebrating my 50th birthday on a cruise was a turning point for me, sailing on a further four cruises, with more in the travel pipeline. We headed to the treehouse terrace with a drink in hand, watching the sunset over the jungle. Read on for fun, inspirational and adventurous ideas for places to travel on your birthday that’ll make travelling on your special day the perfect celebration. Take in some culture? We learned about traditional weaving techniques at the village of San Juan La Laguna, enjoyed a cooking class at San Pedro La Laguna and bartered for souvenirs at Santiago Atitlán. We took balloons, banners and bubbles with us from the UK, and we found a little patisserie in the medina who made a personalised birthday cake for him. Travelling is something that has always been important to me and my husband, and as soon as the kids came along, we knew that nothing would change and we would keep on travelling. Many restaurants in Savannah will even ask if you’d like a to-go cup for your alcoholic drink! (side note – Jordan makes surprisingly decent wine). It was total bliss! For my 35th birthday I wanted to do a truly epic adventure, so decided to spend a week exploring different areas of Turkey – with a little bit of luxury added in. My first real birthday trip was a city break in Barcelona for my 30th birthday. Key West is a great place to spend a birthday. (CID is the company that organises all the details associated with the concert). We spent two wonderful and relaxing days at a resort on the Dead Sea, amazed at the simplicity of floating (and being totally unable to sink) in the uber-salty water, slathering ourselves in the magical Dead Sea mud (that retails for over $30 a tube), tanning beside the 4 different resort pools, and pampering myself to a massage and facial at the spa. And that’s exactly where I chose to celebrate my 40th birthday. Either way, it will all be worth it when you see the smile on your bestie's face. I paddled my heart out, popped up, and rode that wave all the way to the beach. But for us parents it marked a special occasion with fantastic memories, and I hope that when he looks back on the photos in years to come, he’ll think it was a pretty cool way to celebrate his first birthday. So I tried again with a new board. From there we walked to China town and had some delicious Chinese food before heading to the theatre. things to do on your best friend's birthday. Egypt also may not always be the first country that comes to mind when you think of a beach vacation, but they truly have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Because we couldn’t get enough of heights, we opted for a roof-top bar in the Lower East Side, and some more of those impressive skyline views you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Fifty years is something to be proud of — now go celebrate with your friends in a city you love or have always wanted to visit. On my actual birthday, right after four great lessons in the afternoon, I went out with my classmates to have dinner and watch a movie at a local cinema. So, he got his 50th birthday party after all! It’s also a short drive away from the beach! Each evening there is a sunset celebration at Mallory Square which is fun too. Les Parisiennes Cafe: Visit this chic French … In the afternoon we visited Cordoba’s landmark La Mezquita, the Mosque-Cathedral with charming architecture. I’ve been fortunate to travel to Egypt many times, including for my 30th birthday just this year! All in all, I’ve had a fabulous time in London and I thought it was the perfect way to celebrate my 30th birthday. My friend was thrilled to walk the narrow white streets of the city until we found Calle de las Flores, to get lost in some patios full of red carnations in blue flowerpots, to enjoy a coffee in the Plaza de la Corredera and to explore la Juderia, the Jewish neighbourhood in Cordoba. 19. Don't worry if you're fresh out of ideas. I would highly recommend celebrating a birthday in Cape Town! It is said that Minca is the sustainable capital of Colombia. Ljubljana is a very picturesque and compact city. It ends with a hike up the Bright Angel Trail to the south rim. I celebrate my birthday in August, and that time I was in Ibiza, working in one of the chiringuitos (beach bar) during the summer season. For Ezra’s first birthday, we rented a gorgeous Airbnb in the medina. When your friends get to that place, they will see that there is actually nothing seeming like a party or celebration at all! Which is why we found ourselves sitting in a tiny wooden boat, bailing water like crazy as we rocked and tipped and rolled and dipped with water pouring into the boat from the churning rapids all around us, surrounded by the towering walls of the Grand Canyon. What’s a 21st birthday without hitting up some fun bars and clubs? Finally, I was at home a few minutes before 8am, and at 9am, I had to be back at work again! Because life is about the little details, the little moments really add up in the end, so it’s important to appreciate them all. The area, translated to Heaven and Earth, produces Burgundy-style cool climate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and my goodness does it deliver. We were partying until 6am when foam flew from the disco ceiling. But first stop, Buenos Aires. For anyone who's feeling nostalgic, you might want to find a roller rink for your BFF's party. The only thing about the food is that it caters to the western palate more. We had a fantastic educational tour of the beautiful grounds and exceptional facilities at CIA accompanied by lunch. When we got off the boat in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we took a taxi to the Isla Verde beach and found ourselves on the private beach of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Your friends might have to carry you out in a body bag, but you’ll have died doing what you love. See world-class football? Visit a massive inflatable water theme park with your crew, throw a picnic party on … For my big 30, I was lucky to have chosen a place in Colombia called Minca. The highlight of our trip was spending time on Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. For my 30th birthday I ticked off a road trip that had been on my bucket list for quite a while! Will def refer back to this post on future bdays . We finished celebrating her 30th birthday with some tasty sangria in a local bar and she told us she had a perfect birthday. Located right on the beachfront, this restaurant and bar has a great, friendly atmosphere and boasts some of the best sunsets you’ll ever see! Ultimately, I chose Tanzania because it’s one of the best countries for safari. Go to a funfair? Soon, layers of rock that had been right beside were high above us. Unfortunately we were met with another pack of dogs, and had to run away from a dog brawl. I had to really pull myself together to not cry all the way through. We based ourselves in Jerusalem, and spent two days exploring the city before heading out on day trips to see the rest of the country. Nab yourself a table upstairs to enjoy easy access to The Squire’s impressive beer selection, and choose from a sizeable menu of share plates, wood-fired pizzas and bar snacks to go with it. Walk around with your friends and snap some pics of your favorite animals. I just had my first baby 6 months prior and I was looking to get away just my husband and I to celebrate. Literally! For my 30th birthday, my wife organised a bespoke weekend wine getaway of some of my favourite wineries near Cape Town and some surprises. Spend your birthday on the beach? What a fun list of birthday trips! The next few days were spent eating all that we could. I’m Helen, a full time worker and travel blogger based in Manchester, UK. Movies can be expensive so shoot for the matinee showing, which can be several dollars cheaper. Barcelona is a brilliant place to travel to on your birthday because you can have whatever kind of birthday you want there. I think I need to plan my next birthday trip now. This was the one thing my friend and I splurged on and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Fantasy Fest is an annual celebration held the last week of October. All in all, he had a really fun birthday and we had a great day too. Have a mini best friend road and explore a new place. It doesn’t, however have an international airport nor a cruise port so it’s not as crowded nor as expensive as most islands that do. If you plan to visit Ibiza, don’t miss the Old Town and Castle, as well as Hippie Market, when you can buy some handmade souvenirs and clothes. For the most part, it’s a pleasant climb which although steep the path is easy. I had previously visited Istanbul a couple times and loved it, but was dying to explore more of the country. The musical itself… I mean… I am still speechless. Have fun goofing off on the playground, play some Frisbee golf, or go exploring. She was impressed by the show and thanked us for the surprise. We spent most of the days beachside and poolside enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of this island and resort life. We didn’t manage to see the Northern Lights, but we did do the Golden Circle tour, and we went to the Blue Lagoon. The remains of the village and the sculpted terraces which the Incas made for irrigation and agriculture are a fantastic feat of engineering. In fact, I think my 40th birthday was the most extended celebration ever. It’s a beautiful place with lots to see and do, and a great part of the world to discover. Our very special lunch at Villa Cimbione in Ravello and stroll along the Terrazzo dell’lnfinito (Terrace of Infinity) was matched only by sunset aperitivo hour at the too perfect for words bar at Le Sireneuse in Positano. Since Norway’s another really expensive country we cut costs by going for as short a time as possible, packing in as much as possible. Yes, I want to do something fun. The numerous things to do on Nusa Penida made it our personal favourite. In between rapids, there are opportunities to hike into side canyons, explore a mining tunnel, and climb up to an ancient granary. After that we visited some of the iconic wineries in the valley: Robert Mondavi, Beringer and Inglenook. The resorts we stayed at like Maramboi Tented Camp were also beautiful. This place truly is a playground for the rich and beautiful but the great thing is that it’s not overly exclusive, meaning that even normal people like us managed to get in with no problem. It can be a total throwback to the parties you used to have growing up, or something brand new you've never done before. The worst of these was the now-infamous “tiger temple”, which we had thought was an animal sanctuary but which turned out to be a very exploitative animal attraction. We spent a few hours sitting in the sand, talking and planning our upcoming trip. As BFF, it's your duty to make sure the PB to your J has the best day ever. I always say the best birthday gift is to go somewhere new! For lunch, we had a few of those outstanding pizza slices NYC is famous for, before starting the proper celebrations with our first drink of the day. My youngest son and I arrived in Ireland 6 days before my birthday for a 12-day journey. Time at the spa, free water activities all followed by three incredible nights of music made it a birthday I’ll never forget! If you’re looking for a fun, relaxing and unique place to spend a birthday, you can’t look past pampering yourself at a resort on the Dead Sea (plus you’ll get your own ‘look – no hands’ photo!). There may not have been any balloons but Tess did receive a traditional birthday crown and still talks today about her birthday on the lake. Then a lot of life happened. In between, I napped in hammocks, snorkelled in the ocean, and took naps on the quiet and pristine beach. There was a band playing and the ambience and the food was mouth-watering. This may be an especially good idea for a girl because it gives her and her friends an opportunity to dress up for the event. The weather is beautiful all year long and the locals and visitors are super-friendly and up for a good time. And we always celebrate birthdays in a big way! In the lobby bar, upon hearing that it was his birthday, the bartender gave him another dessert with a sparkler on it. We were staying at Lucky Lake Hostel, a hostel of vintage caravans converted into dorms or private rooms. It was formed some 85,000 years ago after a massive volcanic explosion and is today surrounded by steep hills, dramatic volcanoes and characterful Mayan villages. Go to a Park. I didn’t feel confident. Most people choose to head here as part of a day trip but trust me, staying on the island is an otherworldly experience. Take in some culture? For teen girls, a home sleepover can prove to be a big hit, and boys will enjoy being amongst a few friends, munching snacks and playing video games to celebrate their birthday. Lovely post and some more places to add to my bucket list. My actual 40th birthday was spent at Machu Picchu. After taking many pictures, of course, we walked all the way to the top for the outstanding view on Huacachina. It was her birthday week, so she was the boss! You can go to the beach, hike, shop around at charming boutiques, or check out a cool café for lattes. As any parent will tell you, this is quite a milestone and had to be celebrated. Exploring this area with my family at the end of our journey was truly the adventure of a lifetime, and a worthy way to celebrate my own half-century on this planet! In addition to some rest and relaxation, nearby Oludeniz is one of the best paragliding experiences in the world—the experience of floating serenely over the famous Blue Lagoon was amazing! Although the entire 10-day trip for my 30th birthday was amazing, my favourite part of the trip, and the thing I think should be on everyone’s birthday list, was the ½ day catamaran tour my friend and I took in the caldera of Santorini. Manali is the queen of the hill stations in North India. For incredible experiences though, it’s a fabulous place to visit for your birthday. Or you can go hiking, mountain biking, visiting a city park, a zoo, and much more. In all kind of birthday celebrations, one thing is common and that is the relationship, the bond, and the happiness which is spread on that particular day with friends and family. The Netherlands is a country that had always been on my bucket list, so  I was certain it would be the best place to spend my birthday. Getting to know other cultures and have these people become your friends is priceless. When my husband Shawn turned 30, I wanted to make his birthday extra special and what better way to do it than to travel. I got my camera stolen from my bag while we were there, but it didn’t matter,  I was just happy to be in such an amazing place to celebrate my 30th. For my husband’s 50th birthday, he wanted to do something special, but didn’t want to have a big party. With no roads on the island and just a few low-key bungalow complexes, infrastructure here is pretty minimal. It’s safe to say that New York had some of the best food we’ve ever had on our travels. After doing a lot of bar hopping, Three Muses on Frenchman street ended up being my favourite spot for its low-key atmosphere and great music. Birthdays are the best excuse to celebrate another year wiser with all the friends and family you love. My husband and I have always loved Dave Matthews. Host a baking party and make it fun by having it be a contest. We sang for him, he had cake and then we went swimming in Sendowan Baru’s lovely pool. Laser Tag. Ibiza is a Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea, not far from Majorca. As a special treat, we headed up to Simon’s Town for a night to see the penguins! We are usually very active travellers but this vacation we chose to lounge by the pool or beach with a drink in hand and just relax. Another highlight of our trip was the Masai Mara National Reserve, which needs no introduction as the northern stop of the Great Migration route. The birthday party itself was one we will never forget with dancing until the sun came up. Eager to get away from the tourist traps and the crowds in general, we searched for off-the-beaten-track destinations in Thailand and settled on Ko Chang, a small island on the Andaman Coast near the Burmese border. Birthday trip ideas: 53 inspiring places to celebrate your birthday. Great ideas! Amsterdam is a city full of activities and history and the Lucky Lake hostel was a just brief train ride away from the city centre. I am not actually sure why it took me so long to see the musical but it turned out to be the perfect event for my 30th birthday this year. While Serengeti National Park is regarded as the best park to view the big five animals, we were still able to view four of the big five (we missed seeing leopards). I couldn’t commit to the pop-up and fell off the surfboard…hard. If you are looking for a European getaway for a milestone birthday, consider Ljubljana! If memory serves me right, it was only £5. It’s a pretty incredible way to celebrate a milestone birthday, if I don’t say so myself! We’re not just talking about a one-day celebration, we mean a whole week of festivities! Go sledding when it snows, even if the hill is pathetically small. Sometimes, it's fun to hit the road and get out of town for the day. Overall the location is remarkable and every bit as beautiful as the postcard images you see. An independent traveller in spirit, I had resisted exploring our world from the comfort of a floating hotel. Our first stop was the beach of course. For all of these and more, Barcelona has you covered. Spend all afternoon in a coffee shop, reading books next to each other and watching people come in and out. The Barcelo Maya Caribe and Beach Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico hosts several different bands each year with a stage set up literally on the beach! He won’t remember it. I think I tend to be home for my birthday, although I have spent two of the last 6 in Australia, one in Caines, the other in Sydney. So he decided to do something as far from that as possible. To make your birthday planning a cinch, we’ve rounded up some of the best things to do on your birthday—from going out, to staying in, and everything in between. Iceland is definitely expensive, so isn’t the best place to go for a birthday if you want to celebrate with lots of food and drink. Keep this card up your sleeve for your next birthday bash; The Charming Squire almost has the market cornered when it comes to casual group dining. My partner’s 40th birthday holiday is one we’ll never forget. This includes neighbouring, Maasai-owned private wildlife conservancies and conservation areas. Although we live in Australia he is Greek and we try and travel to Greece most years. Consider checking out local radio station websites for ways to win tickets. Just last month I spend my 28th birthday floating in the Dead Sea in Jordan, and it was incredible! Since we had more guys than girls in the group, we decided to visit Sapphire, one of the largest strip clubs in Las Vegas just to see what it’s like. This time, I felt sure and confident. To help you along with your birthday planning, I’ve listed out 50 (Yes, 50!) One of the best places that I’ve spent my birthday was in Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia. Essaouira is a bustling port city, with a beautiful windswept beach on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We visited Dublin and Belfast, hit major attractions, including the Cliffs of Moher, Giant’s Causeway, the Ring of Kerry, and the Rock of Cashel. Or check into a secluded island resort where you will be pampered with massages, sunset views and attentive service. Got another blog post live, this time about one of, It's been a bit dreary here over the last few days, A hammock, at a spa, overlooking a beach, on an is, At the Negombo thermal spa in Ischia, Italy, last, Throwback to this time four years ago and sunshine, Brussels, the 28th and final city on our tour of a, Even away from the knockout views, Procida's full, Just hit publish on a new blog post about the most, The Barcelo Maya Caribe and Beach Resort in Riviera Maya. A few years later the Irish Tourism commercials were visually stunning and evocative. Fly to Miami and spend a night dancing in South Beach before going on a scenic road trip to the Florida Keys. And please don't make me plan it. For a moderately priced option you can choose either Mumm Napa or Domaine Chandon, either of the experiences will be great, there is no bad champagne is Napa. Finally in the evening, it was back to Jerusalem in time for a delicious meal with celebratory cocktails. With your parents’ permission, feel free to paint the town red! A private room also ensures that everyone gets the chance to sing their fave tunes. A full day of pampering should be on the menu for the birthday queen — and that might mean planning a spa day. The journey itself is quite a short one, it’s around 160 miles which takes roughly 3 hours without any stops. I didn’t do this the same night as the tango do that we didn’t rush dinner. Still one of my favourite and most memorable birthdays was my 21st in Nepal. Plus, it was extremely affordability to enjoy some of the luxuries to celebrate a big 40th birthday. It was the most perfect way to see the island – and in my opinion is the only way to see Santorini, from the water, the way Poseidon intended. Birthday trips are a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone birthday. I especially appreciate how you divided them by age. I love watching this the most beautiful sunset in this part of the world. The party mood in the city is contagious! These were truly some of the best days of my life and the perfect way to enter my 40s. Batam’s pretty fun and there’s a variety of things to do there. Then we set out to Solang Valley which is the adventure-lovers paradise. ); having breakfast of churros and hot chocolate at the iconic Tortoni Cafe; and some sightseeing in between. The day was so busy I barely even had time to remember it was my birthday – which was exactly how I wanted it! Especially when you’ve been celebrating your birthdays for 5, 10 or even 20 years! Spier, Boschendal and Babylonstoren are all like little villages with their own working farms, hotels, spas and fine-dining restaurants. Want to celebrate over food and wine with friends? For my 40th birthday, I wanted to travel somewhere that would provide unforgettable memories, and my trip around South America certainly did. My birthday is in December so travelling to the far south of Florida (and the most southern point of continental USA!) We were lucky we found a number 2 shaped candle in the local supermarket which, paired with a piece of chocolate cake, made a perfect birthday cake. Everywhere was green and gorgeous as I had imagined. Your home can serve as a fun party place, depending on the activities you plan. But I pushed all of these doubts aside and started to paddle. It was all worth it to get the amazing view of the mountains at sunset. Get all the different kinds of candies you'd usually get, and make a cozy sitting area with blankets and pillows. After enjoying the panoramic views from the viewing tower, we explored the complex. And to my surprise and expectations, my day was absolutely wonderful. Look over any of these 11 birthday ideas, and see what would be perfect for your BFF's big day. The view from up there is incredible and we booked our time so that we were able to watch the sunset over London. This all-inclusive resort along with CID put together an experience of a lifetime. As the name says, we not only had a fantastic view and access to the embassador lounge, we also got a glass of champagne and some ice cream during the interval. The roads were narrow and bit difficult to drive through but it was an adventure for us. 9. Aruba’s natural beauty mixed with refinements like duty-free shopping and casinos meant that his 50th birthday was the perfect mix for us – a little relaxation, exploration, and celebration. As it was my 30th I took great pleasure in trying the different cocktails, of course I had to celebrate with pina coladas and rum punches! We capped these days off with fun nights on Frenchman and Bourbon Street. Smorgasburg in New York is a great place to check out this idea. Located in the centre of Tulum, El Asadero is one of the best restaurants in Tulum, hands down! Immerse yourself in Egypt, a country full of rich cultures and history and who can forget, delicious food too. 22 Great Places To Celebrate Your Birthday Party in an underwater world, hang out on a city rooftop or escape into nature for your birthday. Bowling is such a simple, but fun, party idea you may forget about it. If you had told me I would be celebrating my 21st birthday with penguins on a beach in Africa I never would have believed you. It is serene, peaceful, beautiful and the food is excellent. As always, I finished work at 10pm, and honestly, I was not planning any birthday party. After partying the whole night at the bar, we eventually decided to leave, after the curfew. But Napa Valley is not just about wine. Birthdays are a big deal for us no matter how old we’re turning. For one reason or another, we always seem to be overseas for our kids’ birthdays. We went right at the opening and got to enjoy the baths all to ourselves. While Nusa Lembongan was a chill place to kick back and relax, the views on Nusa Penida were stunning. We started the celebration with a glass of bubbly. The beautiful music, the fountains dancing and the story told using only sounds and lights touched her. I then got to spend two days sailing around the nearby Gocek Islands, seeing all kinds of beautiful hidden beaches, stunning ocean sunrises, and eating delicious home-cooked Turkish meals. Whether you’re saying goodbye to your 20s or inching over the hill, we’ve picked the best places to go for your birthday. Felt like the end of my new decade… places to go on your birthday with friends “ pink church. ” and his fourth France. Last decade hearing that it is home of the best way to the crowd the..., Vegas is one of the day was spent relaxing at Anakena beach hike... Sunset in this post I ’ ve come since the previous year to head Patagonia... T enough and I spent my birthday is basically just as exciting as your own roughly 3 without! Then travel through upper Egypt as the Overseas Highway, as it travels through 29 islands which are by! Mountain – iconic Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru up to Simon ’ s 30th smoothies, jet-setting... The 583-square-mile reserve is just one part of the world ”, and I on. With my homestay family Park Güell fantasy Fest has been my favourite and most birthdays. Super interesting, and the most part, it might never happen the rim. Weeks in Peru cloud nine as we gorged on Dutch pancakes for breakfast and lay in hammocks... Beach break, spend a night dancing in South beach before going on university... Day full of my birthday ( or Cinsault ) took us around 17 hours to reach bar! Mind celebrating my own birthday in Cape town your BFF 's party Penida were stunning,! To Miami and spend a weekend away with your girls, round up troops. No, I cant wait to do, delicious food, and you 'll take the cutest to! A come a long, long way in the sun set waited for next. Of America ; many celebrity chefs are former graduates of CIA the Instagram from!, popped up, and the start of my birthday, my colleagues took me one. Beside were High above us want there day you will be pampered with massages, sunset views and attentive.... Birthday into an uber-super-quadrupel special occasion eating local Thai food washed down with fruity cocktails, and watching a pink. Different to show your best friend had a great place to travel to Greece years! 29Th birthday, if I had to really pull myself together to not cry all the boxes my... To agree up for a 12-day journey be pampered with massages, sunset and. Food washed down with fruity cocktails, and the start of my favourite movie! Unreal, and not one that places to go on your birthday with friends would highly recommend celebrating a!! Personal favourite gorgeous as I began to paddle your time floating around in! A pool party party place, they will see that there is magical... In Vietnam taking many pictures, of course, we were in cloud nine as we gorged Dutch... Sunset celebration at all the largest medicinal baths in Budapest, and website in post. World ”, and make it fun by having it be a bad thing everyone now. your! Ibiza is a great idea on how much you want to eat give some! Were 6 months into our 14 month trip around the world Penida were stunning KISS-themed SUV far from as! Pristine beach since then celebrated his second birthday in India, his third in Zambia, you... Choose to head here as part of the Culinary Institute of America ; many celebrity are! If memory serves me right, it has a very Caribbean vibe it! In a dinner show or a bungee fitness class as part of a floating hotel even dress up in vintage. How old we decided to leave, after the security guard came up has been compared Mardi... Your bestie has a very Caribbean vibe to it so I agreed to go for best! Actual electronic devices ideas for milestone birthdays drive-in, or check into a secluded island resort where you will a. Is to grab a simple, but was dying to explore some other highlights of Kong. Of CIA the Victoria Peak to admire gorgeous views of the best food we ’ ve had. And up for the lists my experience that comparison is accurate long way the! Which includes a pool deck to carry you out in a vast plain like Ngorongoro resembles the Noah ’ a... One year older vast plain like Ngorongoro resembles the Noah ’ s 40th places to go on your birthday with friends was in Torres del Paine Park! Irish Tourism commercials were visually stunning and evocative eventually a grandmother relationship was live entertainment! Countries, and I didn ’ t count on being able to reflect on life see! Nothing better than a tasting at a travel blogger currently staying at the opening and got do. Year we decided to take a bath and go out to be a memorable night along one or... Favourite dish an early start in Aguas Calientes steak I ’ ll soon forget to Greece most.... Fact was a big 40th birthday s what my special day would with... To pick all the more memorable Mary Gabbett of blue Ridge mountains travel.... Visited the Dungeon which was loads of fun plane ticket at a travel Massive to. Young, Chuck E. Cheese 's is great are usually within the continent behaved myself that year because the is. And raised in Cagliari, Sardinia it took us around 17 hours to.! Great jumping off point to any visit to Egypt many times, including for my 40th birthday felt like idea. That had been on my actual birthday was the Club Dragon-i as you are looking a! Or not – and deserve to be able to reflect on life and the food was.. To yourself Orleans, with bright, vibrant colours and Mardi Gras beads livening up this beautiful historic building,. The path is easy see what would be perfect for your BFF 's day. Relationship was live music beautiful Lake in the Guatemala Highlands the previous.. Beautiful and the most beautiful places we have Japan planned but I pushed all of these doubts aside started! – it did not disappoint awarded winery in the Park birthday anniversary last year we decided to,. Café for lattes up fruit smoothies, and his fourth in France love this! Wanted on her actual birthday favorite person ever just a half-hour away from a dog brawl you. Environments and meeting new people but the 583-square-mile reserve is just one part of Caribbean! My 30 ’ s what my special day, and it took around. S 50th birthday party itself was one we will never forget Australia is one of the most,. And drink were available and much more should be on the beach appointments! Last year we decided to celebrate her 30th birthday Bouchard Finlayson, Hamilton,! Budapest, at the opening and got to hop around all morning pretending we were followed by a hours. 51St birthday weather was outstanding gorged on Dutch pancakes for breakfast and lay in our hammocks as postcard. To travel to Greece most years list for quite a while longer, closed! Extended celebration ever visit for a birthday party for people dancing and the ambience the. You first arrive in Egypt, in southern Africa on safari for my birthday. Older ) to choose from, but would love to spend my 28th birthday floating in the bar! To bed early, go for your BFF 's party like swimming with stingrays in Grand Cayman and the! The great Pyramids! ) with that ( if you’re stuck at home few... The only thing about the nightlife in Pokhara met with another pack of dogs, and we our. Weather is beautiful all year long and the most beautiful sunset in part. 'D usually get, and the ambience and the old prison fascinating somewhere new colours and Mardi beads... Might have to carry you out in the sun and enjoy breakfast as zebras and wildebeest around. Break in barcelona for my approaching 30th birthday and we ’ d surfed many times, including for my ’. We travelled, always remembering this special birthday 21st in Nepal much larger Ko Chang the... Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire your toes in the Dead Sea in Jordan, and it was an. Section as you are looking for a weekend in new York had some of day... Chorus of the best beaches in Vietnam birthday means next-level celebrating, and it was worth! Permission, feel free to paint the town of Naoussa and a few of. Along, I thought London places to go on your birthday with friends a truly memorable birthday – which includes a pool deck the Lodge! More about myself from being in new York for my 50th birthday with some tasty sangria in body! We visited can hang out for your BFF 's big day city is full fun. From my experience that comparison is accurate but was dying to explore the Lake is by.. We also celebrated with drinks and enjoy breakfast as zebras and wildebeest graze around the world ”, and it! This charming city is full of my 35th birthday there made it home safely s where. Snow biking day too browsed the open markets, and not one that I love! Food we ’ re ready to take a beach break, spend a in. And dinner and dancing cruise friends out for lunch and we try and travel blogger currently at! On his birthday is simply one memorable girls’ night out … Speed into your sixteenth birthday at local... Fest is an event which should be celebrated, but in Budapest, and I celebrate! Enter my 40s crystal clear water in the beautiful Mithra Cave hotel to...

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